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ZYN Slim Strong Apple Mint N°3

The green apple's sour taste along with the icy and cold flavors of mint. The tobacco free ZYN Slim Apple Strong and its all white nicotine pouches delivers a refreshing fruity flavor of green apples and mint topped with tones of sweet vanilla. This delicious release of flavor is then followed up by a satisfyingly strong nicotine kick.

The pouches’ innovative plant fiber filling combined with their comfortable slim-size makes them really discreet to enjoy. Their all white character eliminates the risk of them leaving brown stains on your teeth while their somewhat dry surfaces minimizes the drip, which ensures that the release of both flavor and nicotine last for a long time.


Product: Nicotine Pouches Tobacco Free
Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Nicotine: Strong (15mg/g)

Size: Slim

Content weight: 16.8g