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ZYN Slim Lemon Spritz N°2

ZYN Slim Lemon Spritz is the latest flavor in ZYN Slim. It stands out from the rest by combining sour taste from citrus and grapefruit with sweetness from peach and rose water. ZYN Lemon Spritz has a strength of 2, which is a lower strength than the other ZYN Slim.

A long and narrow all white pouch with an optimized fit that has a dry surface with a moist content for low salivation and a long lasting release of flavour.

Lemon Spritz combines the taste of ripe lemon, sweet peach, sour grapefruit and rose water. The strength is lower than on our other Slim products, but the taste is the same.


Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Nicotine: Strong (8mg/g)

Pouches Can: 21

Size: Slim

Content weight: 16.8g