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LOOP Mint Mania Slim Strong

Out Of A Siblings Crowd Of Three, Let Us Present The Middle One - Loop Mint Mania Strong! With A Distinct Characteristic Mint Flavor Combined With The Instant Rushtm Technology. This One Is For You Who's Looking For Refreshing Nicotine Pouches With Something Extra.

The Instant Rushtm Technology Is A New Way Of Pouching, The Nicotine Kick Is Both Quick And Long Lasting In A Perfect Combination. The Loop Can Come With Two Secrets.

The First One Is That It's The First Can In The World Made Out Of Environmentally Friendly Material - Plantcantm.

Number Two Is That The Candesign Is Dynamic, Making It Impossible To Know How Your Specific Cans Will Look. That Is Cool!

Each Can Contain 20 Slim And Minty Portions.