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ACE Eucalyptus All White Portion

Ace Superwhite Eucalyptus Is Here! Get Ready For Super Clean Nicotine Pouches With A Great Eucalyptus Flavor That Pushes You To Infinity. The Sharp And Intense Minty Flavour Combined With The Supersoft And Slim Profile Of The Pouch Makes Ace Superwhite A Real Home-Run For Your Pocket. The Super Strong And Discreet Nicotine Pouches Are Easy To Use And They Don't Stain Your Teeth. 

Prepare For An Extremely Clean And Powerful Eucalyptus Flavor That Drives You Toward Today's Goals. A Sharp And Convincing Taste Of Mint - Essential, Super Strong, Refreshing And Completely Tobacco Free.

The High Nicotine Content Of 9 Mg Per Pouch Classifies Ace Eucalyptus As A Strong Pouch, Recommended For Experienced And Regular Users Who Are Looking For A Refreshing And Long Lasting Release Of Nicotine And Flavor.

Each Can Of Ace Contains 24 Slim Portions.